Professional Services

This service is planned in consultation with all relevant professionals, to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of young people at Deluxe Supported Living Services. Our team use formal and informal therapy as a medium for self-awareness and self-development. They also play an active role in case conferences in assessing and developing the plan for the young person.

Our goal is to focus on the needs of each individual. We work in partnership with other organisations and professionals, ensuring that the well-being of the service user is paramount. We offer a holistic approach to supporting those in care to redress the imbalance that some individuals face in the care support system due to discrimination, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality and disability, which is, unfortunately, a reality for many who are looked after today.

Social Skills

We believe that working collaboratively with a variety of professional services is very paramount to assisting the young people placed in our care to reach their full potentials. Those who stay with us are helped to develop their social skills through the group living experience as well as involvement in community activities while encouraging them to feel part of the group and able to own and build on their experiences.

Our Philosophy

Part of the philosophy of Deluxe Supported Living Services is that service users placed with us are actively provided with access to either community education, voluntary or apprenticeship training in order to prepare them for independent living.

Aims of Community Education:

  • To provide each service user with a solid grounding in basic skills.
  • To develop the service user’s understanding of themselves and their surroundings.
  • To stimulate the creative potential and enhance the cultural awareness of every participating service user.
  • To extend the service user’s general knowledge and practical abilities.

Deluxe Healthcare Services is a UK registered company that specialises in providing quality health care to UK Residents. Deluxe Health Care also provides various services like Independent travel Training, Healthcare Accredited vocational courses, Staffing Solutions, and Home Care Services.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

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