Respite Services

Planned and Emergency Respite Care

At Deluxe Supported Living, we offer professional planned and emergency Respite Services making it our priority to get to know what is important for you and your family to tailor your daily routine to your wishes. We know your loved ones mean the world to you, and just how important it is when away from home, that they are in safe and trusted hands. We aim to provide a home away from home environment, with a service beneficial to both the service user and their carer.

Respite Care

Working around the clock to provide the care and support needed our experienced staff team are available 24 hours a day, bringing to each service user, the best of person-centred compassionate care. Whether long or short term respite care is required, Deluxe Supported Living are here to help with a service that will put your mind at ease and a smile upon the faces of both yourself and your loved one.

Working Closely

Our organisation is highly passionate about what we do and believe in being fully transparent in all areas. We work closely with carers and families to ensure we get it right as it’s crucial to us that those we care for and their carers feel comfortable with our settings and the services we provide.

We encourage those looking into the facility to inquire with us and speak to one of our trained staff or management who will happily assist with any questions you may have.

Deluxe Healthcare Services is a UK registered company that specialises in providing quality health care to UK Residents. Deluxe Health Care also provides various services like Independent travel Training, Healthcare Accredited vocational courses, Staffing Solutions, and Home Care Services.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

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