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Deluxe Supported Living.

Deluxe Supported Living offers a sensitive environment that enables the young person to address issues pertinent to their specific needs. Deluxe Supported Living welcomes young people from diverse religious, cultural, ethnic, and sexuality backgrounds. Including young people from the “Unaccompanied Minors”, and those of “Refugee” status who may have been diagnosed with special needs.We are Fun, Creative, Resourceful and Caring!!!

  • We deliver personalised care and support that meets our residents’ individual emotional and physical needs.
  • Here at DSL, we treat everyone with the respect and dignity that we would expect ourselves.
  • We employ staffs who strive to be the best, and are committed to delivering the highest quality service.
  • We nurture our staff and provide the support, opportunities and leadership to enable them to build rewarding careers.
  • We strive to understanding our residents so we can help them to live a happy, independent and contented life.
  • We reinvest a lot into maintaining and improving our care quality, and we also dedicate our staffs to continuous training.
About Us

Our Core Values:

Quality, Diversity, Integrityand Respect for people.

Deluxe Supported Living is proud to offer a culturally sensitive environment that enables the young person to address issues pertinent to their specific needs as reflected in their individual Care Support Plans.

Our Services

What We Offer

Deluxe Supported Services Ltd provides outreach packages for young people who are ready to make the transition into independence within the community. Our dedicated Support Workers will walk them through specific and relevant areas in-order to help them break down barriers that naturally prevent them from achieving independence.

We will carry out an initial assessment to ascertain the current skills and abilities of each young person. All young people will have a support plan. The formulation of this will be a collaborative process between the young person, staff and their social worker.

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This service is planned in consultation with all relevant professionals, to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of young people at Deluxe Supported Living Services. Our team use formal and informal therapy as a medium for self-awareness and self-development. They also play an active role in case conferences, and in assessing and developing the plan for the young person.


Our goal is to focus on the needs of each individual. We work in partnership with other organisations and professionals, ensuring that the well-being of the service user is paramount. We offer a holistic approach to supporting those in care to redress the imbalance that some individuals face in the care support system due to discrimination, racism and negative stereotyping of sexuality and disability, which is, unfortunately, a reality for many who are looked after today.

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Our Complex Services provide young people with complex emotional and mental health needs a homely accommodation and direct intensive 1:1 or 2:1 support 24/7 by our experience staff who provide high standards of care and support to all our service users. We are consistent in helping to support those placed with us and ensure that everyone is made aware that they are valued and cared for.

The primary focus of this support is to understand the trauma of our young people and see beyond their behaviors.

Our team are experienced in working with those with complex traumatic histories and symptoms (for example: childhood trauma, CSE and significant attachment disorders) and in reducing the subsequent risks. They work in a solution-focused basis to support successful functioning in adulthood.

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Before any placements are made, our team work closely with the Local Authority, families/carers and Social Services, listening carefully to their views, ensuring everyone is able to contribute and that the young people are always at the centre of our plans. Each young person will experience a comprehensive support plan that will be tailored to their specific needs.

We work with  aged young care leavers, 16-18 years. We also work with 18+ who are working towards transitioning from supported living into full independence. Due to their diagnosis, some may have behavioral or emotional difficulties and disabilities.

Deluxe Supported Living Services recognizes the need to provide a culturally sensitive environment which enables the service users to address issues pertinent to their specific needs as reflected in their individual, care support plans.

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We work with young people using a holistic but structured framework of support that hopes to address all their individual needs. With this in mind, we engage the young person in our unique and practical Independence Programme with the aim of enabling them to grow into a successful and self-sufficient adult, despite the obstacles they may face. Our Independence Programme is incorporated in all the services we provide.

Some of the skills they will learn include:

  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Career management and education to employment
  • Time management
  • Strategic coping and thinking skills, anger management
  • Budgeting and personal finance management
  • General housekeeping skills including laundry, sewing and cleaning
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Planned and Emergency Respite Care

At Deluxe Supported Living, we offer professional planned and emergency Respite Care Services. In addition, we also make it our priority to get to know what is important for you and your family so as to tailor your daily routine according to your wishes. We know your loved ones mean the world to you and how important it is when they’re away from home. We assure you that they are in safe and trusted hands. Deluxe Supported Living aim to provide a home away-from-home environment, with a service beneficial to both the service user and their carer.

Respite Care

Our experienced staff team are available 24 hours a day. We work around the clock to bring each service user the best of person-centered compassionate care, and support needed. Whether long or short term respite care is required, Deluxe Supported Living are here to help with a service that will put your mind at ease and a smile upon the faces of both yourself and your loved one.

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Our Accommodations

Comfort, Safe andSecure Accommodation

How we support our service users

  • We encourage and enable the service user to acquire knowledge and skills in household maintenance and money management
  • Our team members support service users with cleaning and maintaining their living space and doing their laundry
  • Our staff provides support by assisting with creating weekly menus, shopping, and meal preparation.
  • We help our users choose healthy options.
  • Actively encourage participation in community activities and creative stimulating hobbies.
  • We help service users to graduate into the volunteer, apprenticeship or education space.
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Deluxe HealthCare Services

Our Parent Company

Deluxe Healthcare Services is a UK registered company that specialises in providing quality health care to UK Residents. We also provide various services like Independent travel Training, Healthcare Accredited vocational courses, Staffing Solutions and Home Care Services.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

Our Parent Company

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