Individual Care Support Plans

Before any placements are made, Our Individual Care Support Plans’ guarantees that our team works closely with the Local Authority, families/carers, and Social Services. we listen carefully to their views and ensure that everyone can contribute and that the young people are always at the center of our plans. Each young person will have a comprehensive care support plan which is tailored to their needs.

We work with those aged young care leavers 16-18 years and 18+ who are working towards transitioning from supported living to full independence. Due to their diagnosis, some may have behavioural and emotional difficulties and disabilities.

Deluxe Supported Living Services recognises the need to provide a culturally sensitive environment which enables the service users to address issues pertinent to their specific needs as reflected in their individual, care support plans.

Deluxe Healthcare Services is a UK registered company that specialises in providing quality health care to UK Residents. Deluxe Health Care also provides various services like Independent travel Training, Healthcare Accredited vocational courses, Staffing Solutions, and Home Care Services.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

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