What types of referral can Deluxe Support Services accept?

We provide support and accommodation for looked after young people or those leaving care aged 16+, we can accept emergency and planned placements which include targeted transition work.
We work with high risk, traumatized young people and our model specialize in addressing trauma-based behaviors. We have extensive experience in supporting complex needs including learning difficulties, criminal behavior, and CSE.

Fill Our Service Referral Form

If you have a young person who could benefit from our service, please use the contact form above. Following this, we will:

  • Assess their referrals information for needs, matching and if we have an appropriate vacancy within the programme
  • Once the placement has been agreed, for emergency placements we coordinate a swift-moving plan. In the event of planned placements, we create and carry out a transitional plan

A pre-placement/introduction meeting takes place with the young person and the social worker to visit the accommodation, meet the staff and have a better understanding of the programme. In the event of an emergency placement, this is conducted as soon as possible after the young person arrives.

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We believe that everyone should have the opportunity for personal development to achieve their full potential in order to live their life as independently as possible and of their choosing.

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